The residency program CastelloInMovimento, dedicated to literature and its relationship to the visual arts, aims to allow a real investigation on languages ​​and narration as instruments for an artistic research. Fellows are provided with a room + studio and the access to the library and the video archive. Performances, presentations and meetings with the various guests of the castle will be planned during the residency program.

LITERATURE. The residency program for writers has a double connotation national / international and is focused on the interactions and connections between other contemporary languages. Each year, the residency program is dedicated to a Host Country. The selection of the fellows is assigned to an Advisory Council composed by writers which is renewed from year to year.

VISUAL ARTS. The residency program for international visual artists is curated by an international curator who will select the list of the fellows. Every year two Italian artists will be selected for a short residency and final exhibition.

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